Company Profile

      Practice makes perfect and success depends on thinking. Hubei Kunlun Construction Group enterprise developed under Mr. Huang Fuyuan, the chairman, in the recent 30 years. Facing the market competition, Kunlun people are advancing in the challenge, pondering in the exploration, and choosing in comparison. The group is enthusiastically devoted to creating and realizing dynamic enterprise management, also developing and innovating new technology fields, gathering a reasonably structured talent team, and producing excellent projects.

      So far, the Company has obtained the Grade I qualification for general contracting of building construction projects and the Grade I qualification for professional contracting of building decoration projects. It has become a comprehensive modern enterprise group with real estate investment, development, construction, marketing, and property management as its leading business. The Company repeatedly received honorary titles awards such as “National AAA Class Enterprise of Quality, Credit, and Service”, “National Business Enterprise of Observing Contract and Valuing Credit”, “Provincial Excellent Enterprise”, “Municipal Excellent Enterprise”, “Most Growing Private Construction Enterprise”, “Advantageous Enterprise of Sustainable Development”, etc.

     Carrying the aim of “Creating Extraordinary Performance with Kunlun Spirit” and the entrepreneurship of “Respect, Dedication, Innovation, and Efficiency”, the Company has cooperated with famous enterprises, such as Hong Kong Land, China Resources Land, C&D, CIFI Group, MBEC, and RSUN. It has also completed nearly 6 million square meters of various large and medium-sized projects. It has won numerous honorary titles such as “Chutian Cup”, “Yellow Crane Cup”, “Furong Cup” and “Wuling Cup”.

     Moreover, Kunlun people keep adhering to the management mode of modern enterprise system and emphasize “Perfect System, Standardized Management, and Shared Culture”. While creating outstanding achievements, the Company integrates and optimizes resources and operates with integrity to invent excellence, win-win cooperation, and harmonious development by insisting on a market-oriented and talent-centered policy.



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